Research News

gene-rank-tnResearch by Dartmouth’s Eugene Demidenko introduces a new bioinformatics concept called Gene Rank.
Quote of the Day logoArsenic exposure levels in the infants tested during a recent study were low, says the biology professor.
baby-bottle-tnDartmouth scientists found that breast milk had much lower arsenic concentrations than formula did.
Quote of the Day logoThe associate professor of biological sciences talks about the vital role bees play.
mary-albert-tnThe grant funds the engineering professor’s U.S. polar ice drilling research through 2018.
bees-carouselThe researchers found that chemicals in floral nectar significantly reduce parasite infection in bees.
diana-wise-carouselDuring winter break, Diana Wise ’15 studied the impact of ecotourism on the Antarctic wilderness
jane-hill-tnJane Hill spent 10 days in South Africa, laying the groundwork for a TB clinical test trial.
Cupid_DNow_Carousel_ImageProfessors offer their perspectives on dating, romance, and, of course, the mating habits of reptiles.
Quote of the Day logoThe graduate student says a Dartmouth study sheds light on an old myth about creativity.