Research News

Last year, sea ice “got an F,” says Thayer School’s Donald Perovich. “This year, it got a D.”
An alumnus has studied the way certain sounds and sensations can trigger a reaction known as ASMR.
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Robyn Millan pointing at the blackboardIn this three-part series, professors talk about their research, life in the classroom, and more.
A study done at Dartmouth suggests that even small-impact hits to the head may have long-term effects.
A Dartmouth Atlas study finds that the type of care children receive depends on where they live.
Professor Jason Houle says he was surprised by the results of his forthcoming study.
A new Dartmouth study has found that cutting down trees in high latitudes can reduce global warning.
A Dartmouth study supports the argument that patients should ask questions before making a decision.
Daniel Bornstein ’14Daniel Bornstein ’14 researches the effect of European Union regulations on the Gambia.
A Dartmouth-led study finds vitamin D and calcium do not effect upper respiratory tract infections.