Research News

Amy LawrenceLawrence is the Parents Distinguished Research Professor in the Humanities.
Quote of the day logoThe philosophy professor discusses whether such procedures change people’s essential natures.
College Ranker logoDartmouth’s Organic Farm is noted for student projects, research opportunities, and hands-on learning.
Kathryn Cottingham Kathryn Cottingham is the Dartmouth Professor in the Arts and Sciences.
fossum ma labProfessor Eric Fossum and a graduate student produce a breakthrough for photography.
Quote of the day logoThe assistant professor says it’s key “to offer mental health apps that are based on sound research.”
The medical school will use the funds to study motivation and behavioral change to improve health.
The postdoctoral researcher studies space particles that get trapped in Earth’s magnetic field.
Dartmouth researcher Lauren Culler sees a link between the success of the insects and climate change.
CBC Radio with audio iconThe researcher is studying how the Inuit of Nunavut, Canada, deal with mental stress.