Research News

nih-grant-carouselThe $3.2 million grant will speed research and clinical trials at medical centers across the U.S.
Quote of the Day logoThe PhD student says people with mental illness find a sense of community and support through videos.
Quote of the Day logoThe Tuck visiting professor says the drugs and related remedies may actually make people gain weight.
Kotz-carouselCollege researchers take a new approach to information security via continuous authentication.
test-kit-tnDartmouth and Norwich University chemists focused on arsenic toxicity in food and drink.
Mobile Tackling TargetThe Mobile Tackling Target is designed to help football players tackle more safely.
The New York Times logo“An epidemic of diagnosis is not good for anyone’s health,” says Dartmouth’s H. Gilbert Welch.
Valley News Logo“We are interested in basic precinct processes,” says Professor Michael Herron.
Quote of the Day logoThe assistant professor of geography talks about her passion for sharing her work with students.
woloshin-schwartz-tnA new venture started by Dartmouth’s Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin will provide a drug database.