Research News

rimberg-carouselA new type of laser developed at Dartmouth may have a big impact on the future of quantum computing.
donna-coch-tnAssociate Professor Donna Coch’s research contradicts the theory of the fourth-grade reading shift.
International Business Times logoGeisel School of Medicine researchers say a feline parasite could become a cancer-fighting vaccine.
Philip Goodney is an assistant professor of surgery at the Geisel School of Medicine and a researcher with The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. (Photo courtesy of Dartmouth-Hitchcock)A Dartmouth pilot study aims to help smokers with vascular disease quit smoking.
MIT Technology ReviewThe prototype wearable device uses electrodes around the wrist to identify the person wearing it.
US News and World ReportGeisel’s Margaret Karagas says research shows a link between indoor tanning and early skin cancer.
Wall Street Journal logoDartmouth’s Jason Houle and a colleague study the effect of student debt on homeownership.
The New York Times logoProfessor Bruce Sacerdote points to studies that show grouping students by ability works well.
herron-tnProfessor Michael Herron's interest in ballot rules began with 2000 Florida recount.
TIME MagazineGeisel’s Christopher Amos says a version of the BRCA2 gene is linked to increased risk of lung cancer.