Research News

Associate Professor Thalia WheatleyThe associate professor says finding answers to three particular questions would make her very happy.
Professor Douglas Staiger Professor Douglas Staiger is honored for his application of economics to health care.
Geisel’s Jonathan Skinner and colleagues compared costs for dementia and for other major diseases.
Gizmo logoAssistant Professor of Computer Science Wojciech Jarosz is senior author of a paper on the project.
Dartmouth research helps to refute claims that a famous image of Oswald was altered.
The Next Web logoWork by Thayer engineers has the potential to improve image sensors used in digital cameras.
cyber security lockeded shieldThe College is part of an effort to protect the nation’s power grid
Marcelo Gleiser discusses science and spirituality while at Chile’s Atacama Telescope.
This is “a significant accomplishment,” says a National Weather Service official.
Professors on work showing smallest particle has mass.