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  • The Valley News

    Senior Lecturer Gerald Auten’s “meticulously rendered drawings” ask viewers to “consider how a culture memorializes itself,” writes the newspaper. A show of Auten’s work continues through June 8 at the Aidron Duckworth Museum in Meriden, N.H.

  • The Hill.com

    “Spending more on health care does not mean better health,” writes The Hill, citing a study by The Dartmouth Institute’s Dartmouth Atlas indicating that regions spending more money on treatment do not have better patient outcomes.

  • Los Angeles Times

    Hassan Rouhani, reelected as president of Iran, faces certain challenges, says Professor of Sociology Misagh Parsa. “He told Iranians, ‘I am going to get rid of all the sanctions,’ but his problem is the supreme leader has the final say.”

  • National Geographic

    Jeffrey Kerby, a postdoctoral fellow at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, spent time in the central Ethiopian Highlands to photograph the country’s gelada monkeys for the magazine’s cover story.

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