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  • MLB.com

    The alumnus and Chicago Cubs pitcher talks about his yoga practice, saying that it “has really made things clearer ... . I now know the alignment of my body and I can feel different parts of my body and where they’re at different times.”

  • Valley News

    “Despite Iowa’s noble and storied history of progressivism, Iowa voters got the president they wanted last November,” writes Professor Randall Balmer in an opinion piece about Iowa, where he spent his high school years.

  • Daily Mail

    “Researchers mapped 4 million journey flows to create a stunning visualisation—and rewrite the map of America,” says the website in a story about a study co-authored by Garrett Nelson, a postdoctoral fellow in Dartmouth’s Society of Fellows.

  • Jewish Journal

    Professor of Hebrew Studies Lewis Glinert’s new book, The Story of Hebrew , is “deeply rooted in scholarship, but Glinert is an engaging storyteller, always lucid, wry, and accessible,” writes the Jewish Journal  in a review.

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