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  • Quartz

    “When you ask who is the secretary of the Treasury and what do they do, a lot of that answer depends on how well they get along with the president,” says Professor Andrew Levin, who spent 20 years at the Federal Reserve, in a Quartz story.

  • NPR

    “The story speaks to all of us, makes us think about where we are in life, what we've been doing with the time we have,” writes Professor Marcelo Gleiser about the movie Arrival  in his post for the NPR blog 13.7 Cosmos & Culture.

  • The New Yorker

    “A lot of students from underrepresented backgrounds, who will get their degrees in computer science and want to work in the tech industry, are not working in Silicon Valley,” says Kaya Thomas ’17 in a New Yorker story about bias.

  • Runner’s World

    As a bomber pilot in the Marines, Jonathan Mendes ’42 flew more than 100 missions in World War II and then more than 70 missions in the Korean War. This month he completed the New York City Marathon, reports Runner’s World.

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