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  • Slate

    In the context of President Trump’s recent threats against North Korea, Slate discusses a study coauthored by Dartmouth’s Benjamin Valentino on the American public’s openness to nuclear first strikes.

  • VQR

    “The second heart attack didn’t begin until evening,” writes Professor Jeff Sharlet in an essay on his recovery. “By then I was in the hospital. I would have known what was happening even if I hadn’t been. It was obvious. I was dying.”

  • Boston Review

    Professor Bethany Moreton reviews Democracy in Chains, a new book that traces “the intellectual tradition informing the specific recent wave of assaults on the public sphere” from slavery to the advent of the Koch brothers.

  • Role Reboot

    In an op-ed, Dartmouth’s Mary Flanagan calls out the tech industry for ignoring diverse talent. “ ‘We love women, but we only hire men’ is a norm that needs immediate change in tech culture,” she writes.

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