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Dartmouth in the News

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Reviewing Professor Misagh Parsa’s Democracy in Iran, the paper says, “Although Mr. Parsa barely discusses U.S. policy toward Iran, his book is easily the most important work in English on the Islamic Republic since the revolution.”

  • Outside

    The online magazine presents a slideshow documenting Katie Bono’s trip up Denali, in which the alumna, a former Nordic skier at Dartmouth, set a record for women making the ascent up the highest mountain peak in North America.

  • The Atlantic

    In a story about the Posse Foundation program helping veterans connect with elite schools, the magazine notes that since Vassar enrolled its first Posse cohort, only two other schools, Dartmouth and Wesleyan, have become program partners.

  • NHPR

    In a story about Associate Professor Soo Sunny Park’s exhibit at New Hampshire’s Currier Museum of Art, NHPR says, “After decades of making everything herself, Sunny now has help turning her ideas into sculptures big enough to fill rooms.”

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