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  • DW

    Linda Fowler, a professor of government and the Frank J. Reagan ’09 Chair in Policy Studies, Emerita, says replacing Obamacare may take time. “There is a reason why healthcare is on the American policy agenda since Harry Truman,” she says.

  • Reuters

    “Diagnosis has a way of begetting treatment, whether or not it warrants treatment,” says The Dartmouth Institute’s H. Gilbert Welch in a Reuters interview about a new study on the number of older Americans getting tested for prostate cancer.

  • The Sunday Morning Herald

    In a feature about the alumna, the Herald  notes that the prolific television writer honed her skills by writing for the college newspaper and directing student theater productions while studying English and film studies at Dartmouth.

  • The Huffington Post

    People visit the Hood Museum of Art from across the world to see the 3,000-year-old Assyrian reliefs, the Orozco murals, and much more, notes The Huffington Post. The Hood is on its list of top college art and history museums in the Northeast.

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