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  • ABC News

    “They drain the resin that otherwise defends the tree. Then, the tree is toast,” says Professor of Biological Sciences Matthew Ayres in an ABC News story about the impact of some insects, such as the ash borer, on the nation’s forests.

  • CNN

    In a CNN story about conspiracy theories and those who believe in them, Professor Brendan Nyhan says, “It’s not a reflection of mental illness or pathology. It’s a common thing that otherwise smart and well-informed people do.”

  • National Geographic

    Postdoctoral fellow Garrett Nelson, a member of Dartmouth’s Society of Fellows, and a co-author have studied over 4 million commuter paths to identify “megaregions in the contiguous United States,” reports National Geographic.

  • The New York Times

    “Fed officials can't simply dismiss the prospect of legislative reforms anymore,” Professor Andrew Levin tells Reuters in a story published by The New York Times  that discusses the Fed’s future under the next administration.

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