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  • The Huffington Post

    People visit the Hood Museum of Art from across the world to see the 3,000-year-old Assyrian reliefs, the Orozco murals, and much more, notes The Huffington Post. The Hood is on its list of top college art and history museums in the Northeast.

  • The Washington Post

    “John Kerry loves Vietnam, and Vietnam loves John Kerry,” says Associate Professor of History Edward Miller, who accompanied Kerry on his recent trip, during which Kerry met the man who tried to kill him in 1969, reports the Post.

  • Yahoo! Sports

    The Dartmouth football team is among the college teams that will play at Fenway Park this fall in a series called “Football at Fenway,” reports Yahoo! Sports. Brown and Dartmouth will play an Ivy League contest on Nov. 10.

  • Forbes

    “Our study provides an important corrective to the popular narrative that the student debt crisis is leading a generation of young people back to their parents’ doorstep,” Assistant Professor of Sociology Jason Houle tells Forbes.

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