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  • New Relic

    Kaya Thomas ’17, one of six African American women noted for making a difference in the tech world, was chosen in part for developing the app We Read Too, “which lists children’s and young adult titles by writers of color,” notes New Relic.

  • BBC

    In a story about animals ingesting fermented foods, the BBC turns for comment to Samuel Gochman ’18, whose team experimented by offering a choice of alcoholic liquids to aye-ayes, which seemed happier with the higher alcohol concentrations.

  • The New York Times

    Professors Brendan Nyhan, John Carey, and colleagues in the group Bright Line Watch surveyed 1,571 political scientists and concluded that the health of democracy in the U.S. is “strong, but showing some cracks,” writes the Times.

  • IBT

    A study by Associate Professor of Economics Ethan Lewis and colleagues looked into whether the 1960s expulsion of Mexican braceros temporarily in the U.S. was successful in raising American wages. It was not successful, the study found.

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