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  • Here’s the Thing

    Eric Fanning ’90, secretary of the U.S. Army, tells “Here’s the Thing” host Alec Baldwin that the idea that the military is the first to want to go to war is a myth. In fact, the alumnus tells Baldwin, combat should be the last resort.

  • The Washington Post

    “Generals have one set of skills, and diplomacy is not in the top drawer of that tool kit,” says the Dickey Center’s Daniel Benjamin in a Washington Post  story about the military leaders Trump is picking for high-level posts.

  • ABC News

    “They drain the resin that otherwise defends the tree. Then, the tree is toast,” says Professor of Biological Sciences Matthew Ayres in an ABC News story about the impact of some insects, such as the ash borer, on the nation’s forests.

  • CNN

    In a CNN story about conspiracy theories and those who believe in them, Professor Brendan Nyhan says, “It’s not a reflection of mental illness or pathology. It’s a common thing that otherwise smart and well-informed people do.”

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