Deborah Jordan Brooks

Associate Professor of Government

Silsby 231
HB 6108
B.A. UC Santa Cruz
M.A. Yale University
M. Phil. Yale University
Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

"He Runs, She Runs: Why Gender Stereotypes Do No Harm Women Candidates," Princeton University Press, accepted for publication and forthcoming in 2013.

“Assessing Accountability in a Post-Citizens United Era: The Effects of Attack Ad Sponsorship by Unknown Independent Groups,” American Politics Research, May 2012, 40: 383-418, with Michael Murov.

"Testing the Double Standard for Candidate Emotionality: Voter Reactions to the Tears and Anger of Male and Female Politicians," The Journal of Politics, April 2011, Vol. 73(2): 597-615.

"A War of One's Own: Understanding the Gender Gap in Support for War," Public Opinion Quarterly, June 2011, Vol. 75(2): 270-286, with Ben Valentino.

"A Negativity Gap? Voter Gender and Attack Politics in American Elections," Politics and Gender, September 2010, Vol. 6(3): 319-341.

"Beyond Negativity: The Effects of Incivility on Voters," American Journal of Political Science, January 2007, Vol 51(1):1-16, with John Geer.

"The Resilient Voter: Moving Toward Closure in the Debate over Negative Campaigning and Turnout," The Journal of Politics, August 2006, Vol 68(3): 684-696. PDF