Erzo F.P. Luttmer

Associate Professor of Economics

My research seeks to understand what drives the demand for redistribution and social insurance and how the implementation of redistribution and social insurance programs can be improved. Many of my papers highlight the important role of social effects in economic behavior. Much of my more recent research explores the role of cognitive limitations on demand for and design of social insurance programs.

Rockefeller 305
HB 6106
Propeduse Degree Delft University of Technology
M.A. Erasmus University
PhD. Harvard University

Selected Publications

"What Good Is Wealth Without Health? The Effect of Health on the Marginal Utility of Consumption" (joint with Amy Finkelstein and Matthew J. Notowidigdo), Journal of the European Economic Association, 11(s1), pp. 221-258, January 2013. Online Appendix.

"The Perception of Social Security Incentives for Labor Supply and Retirement: The Median Voter Knows More Than You'd Think" (with Jeffrey B. Liebman), Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 26 , edited by Jeffrey R. Brown, University of Chicago Press, pp. 1-42, 2012.

"The Insurance Value of State Tax-and-Transfer Programs" (joint with Hilary Hoynes), Journal of Public Economics, 95(11-12), pp. 1466-1484, December 2011.

"Do Race and Fairness Matter in Generosity? Evidence from a Nationally Representative Charity Experiment" (joint with Christina Fong), Journal of Public Economics, 95(5-6), pp. 372-394, June 2011.

"Culture, Context, and the Taste for Redistribution" (joint with Monica Singhal), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 3(1), pp. 157-179, February 2011.

"Labor Supply Responses to Marginal Social Security Benefits: Evidence from Discontinuities" (with Jeffrey B. Liebman and David Seif), Journal of Public Economics, 93(11-12), pp. 1119-1284, December 2009.

"What Determines Giving to Hurricane Katrina Victims? Experimental Evidence on Racial Group Loyalty" (joint with Christina Fong), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 1(2), pp. 64-87, April 2009.

"Who Misvotes? The Effect of Differential Cognition Costs on Election Outcomes" (joint with Kelly Shue), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 1(1), pp. 229-257, February 2009.

"Does the Minimum Wage Cause Inefficient Rationing?," The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 7(1), (Contributions), Article 49, October 2007.

"Insuring Consumption and Happiness through Religious Organizations" (joint with Rajeev Dehejia and Thomas DeLeire), Journal of Public Economics, 91(1-2), pp. 259-279, February 2007.

"Private Investment and Government Protection" (joint with Carolyn Kousky and Richard J. Zeckhauser), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 33(1-2), pp. 73-100, September 2006.

"Neighbors as Negatives: Relative Earnings and Well-Being," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120(3), pp. 963-1002, August 2005.

"The Misallocation of Housing under Rent-Control" (joint with Edward Glaeser; lead article), American Economic Review, 93(4), pp. 1027-1046, September 2003.

"Group Loyalty and the Taste for Redistribution," Journal of Political Economy, 109(3), pp. 500-528, June 2001.

"Network Effects and Welfare Cultures" (joint with Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 115(3), pp. 1019-1055, August 2000.

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Works in progress

"Complexity as a Barrier to Annuitization" (with Jeffrey Brown, Arie Kapteyn, and Olivia Mitchell).  NBER Working Paper No. 19168, June 2013 Appendices

"Social Support Substitution and the Earnings Rebound: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity in Disability Insurance Reform" (with Lex Borghans and Anne Gielen).  NBER Working Paper No. 18261, July 2012.

Would People Behave Differently If They Better Understood Social Security? Evidence From a Field Experiment" (with Jeffrey B. Liebman), NBER Working Paper No. 17287, August 2011.

"Screening Peers Softly: Inferring the Quality of Small Borrowers?" (with Raj Iyer, Asim Khwaja, and Kelly Shue), NBER Working Paper No. 15242, August 2009. Current version: March 2013.

"Schedule Selection by Agents: from Price Plans to Tax Tables" (joint with Richard Zeckhauser), NBER Working Paper No. 13808, February 2008.

"Measuring Economic Mobility and Inequality: Disentangling Real Events from Noisy Data"

"Can Income Redistribution Be Privatized?"