Jason Houle

Assistant Professor

104 Silsby Hall
HB 6104
PhD The Pennsylvania State University, 2011
MA The Pennsylvania State University, 2007
BA, Sociology, 2005

Selected Publications

Blackstone, Amy, Jason Houle, and Christopher Uggen. 2014. “‘At the Time, I Thought it was Great:’ Age, Experience, and Workers’ Perceptions of Sexual Harassment.” Forthcoming, Sociological Spectrum.

Houle, Jason. 2014. “A Generation Indebted: Young Adult Debt Across Three Cohorts” Forthcoming, Social Problems.

Houle, Jason N and Michael T Light. 2014. "The Home Foreclosure Crisis and Rising Suicide Rates, 2005-2010." Forthcoming, American Journal of Public Health.

Houle, Jason N. 2014. "Disparities in Debt: Parents Socioeconomic Resources and Young Adult Student Loan Debt." Sociology of Education.  A podcast for this article can be found here.

Barkan, Steven, Michael Rocque and Jason Houle. 2013. "State and Regional Suicide Rates: A New Look at an Old Puzzle." Forthcoming, Sociological Perspectives 56:287-297.

Frisco, Michelle, Jason Houle, and Adam Lippert. 2013. "Weight Gain and Depression Among US Young Women During the Transition to Adulthood." Forthcoming, American Journal of Epidemiology 178:22-30.

Houle, Jason. 2013. "Depressive Symptoms and All-Cause Mortality in a Longitudinal Nationally Representative Sample with Time-Varying Covariates." Psychosomatic Medicine 75:297-304.

Houle, Jason, Jeremy Staff, Jeylan Mortimer, Christopher Uggen, and Amy Blackstone. 2011. "The Impact of Sexual Harassment on Depressive Symptoms During the Early Occupational Career." Society and Mental Health 1:89-105.

Houle, Jason, and Molly Martin. 2011. "Does Intergenerational Mobility Shape Individual Psychology? Sorokin Revisited" Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 29:193-203.

Houle, Jason. 2011. "The Psychological Impact of Intragenerational Social Class Mobility." Social Science Research 40:757-772.

Houle, Jason, Michelle Frisco, and Molly Martin. 2010. "The Image in the Mirror and the Number on the Scale: Weight, Weight Perceptions, and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51:215-228.

Frisco, Michelle, Jason Houle, and Molly Martin. 2009. "Adolescent Body Mass Index & Psychological Distress: For Whom is Weight a Burden?" Social Science Quarterly 90:1019-1038.

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Speaking engagements

"Mental Health in the Foreclosure Crisis"              April 22, 2013.      (available through the University of Wisconson School of Medicine and Public Health Library)