Robert C. Johnson

Assistant Professor of Economics

318 Rockefeller
HB 6106
B.A. Northwestern University
M.Sc. London School of Economics
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

Selected Publications

"Five Facts about Value-Added Exports and Implications for Macroeconomics and trade Research" (Spring 2014)

"A Portrait of Trade in Value in Added Over Four Decades" (with Guillermo Noguera, January 2014)

“Proximity and Production Fragmentation,” with Guillermo Noguera, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 102:3 (2012).

“Accounting for Intermediates: Production Sharing and Trade in Value Added,” with Guillermo Noguera, Journal of International Economics, 86: 2 (2012).

“Trade and Prices with Heterogeneous Firms,” Journal of International Economics, 86:1 (2012).

“Vertical Linkages and the Collapse of Global Trade,” with Rudolfs Bems and Kei-Mu Yi, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 101:3 (2011).

“Demand Spillovers and the Collapse of Trade in the Global Recession,” with Rudolfs Bems and Kei-Mu Yi, IMF Economic Review, 58:2 (2010).

Works in progress

“Trade in Intermediate Inputs and Business Cycle Comovement.”

“Fragmentation and Trade in Value Added Over Four Decades,” with Guillermo Noguera.

“Value-Added Exchange Rates: measuring competitiveness with vertical specialization in trade,” with Rudolfs Bems.

Technology, Trade Costs, and the Pattern of Trade with Multi-Stage Production,with Andreas Moxnes.