Research Events

Default_thumb Fri, Feb 27 03:30 PM until 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Title: "Progress in Understanding Earth’s Radiation Belts: Recent Results from the NASA Van Allen Probes and the NSF FIREBIRD Missions"
Location: Wilder 104
33291_thumb Fri, Feb 27 03:30 PM until 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
“Finding oil and gas-A scientific and a business perspective” by Dr. Miguel Mora Glukstad, Structural Geologist at Shell
Location: Steele 007
Default_thumb Fri, Feb 27 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Building an Adaptive Genome Defense System. Sharon Bickel and Gio Bosco will co-host William Theurkauf, PhD, UMass-Medical School.
Location: 201 Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center
33109_thumb Mon, Mar 02 07:00 PM until 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Part of the weekly film screening for Sonic Landscapes. Film followed by discussion and Q & A. Koyaanisqatsi (1982). Godfrey Reggio 87 min. Open to all
Location: Black Family Visual Arts Center, Screening Room 001
32728_thumb Tue, Mar 03 12:30 PM until 01:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
"Poseidon the Earth-Shaker, Feasting, and the Sea: An Archaeologist's Perspective"
Location: Hood Museum of Art, Second-floor galleries
Default_thumb Tue, Mar 03 12:00 PM until 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
“Lab Tales of NCCC Shared Resources. How we can help from sample to data analysis and beyond.”
Location: Aud. E, Rubin Bldg, DHMC
33145_thumb Tue, Mar 03 04:30 PM until 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Soil biodiversity is an essential component to ecosystem sustainability, and research in Antarctica is revealing how animal species will respond to climate change.
Location: Filene Auditorium, Moore Building
Default_thumb Tue, Mar 03 04:15 PM until 05:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Anshumali Shrivastava, PhD student at Cornell University, will speak on "An Excursion in Probabilistic Hashing Techniques for Big Data."
Location: Carson L01
Group_44_thumb Thu, Mar 05 12:00 PM until 01:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Why is Health Care Spending on the Privately Insured in Grand Junction, Colorado So High? Prices, Competition, and Health Care Spending
Location: Class of 1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
Group_50_thumb Thu, Mar 05 01:15 PM until 02:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Mobile Phone Based Imaging, Sensing, and Diagnostic Tools: New Horizons for Global Health, Telemedicine, and Point-of-Care Detection
Location: MacLean B01, Zaleski Room