Research Events

Group_44_thumb Thu, Mar 05 12:00 PM until 01:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Why is Health Care Spending on the Privately Insured in Grand Junction, Colorado So High? Prices, Competition, and Health Care Spending
Location: Class of 1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
Group_50_thumb Thu, Mar 05 01:15 PM until 02:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Mobile Phone Based Imaging, Sensing, and Diagnostic Tools: New Horizons for Global Health, Telemedicine, and Point-of-Care Detection
Location: MacLean B01, Zaleski Room
Default_thumb Thu, Mar 05 04:30 PM until 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Professor Andrew Frank is the Allen Morris Associate Professor of History at Florida State University. In his talk Prof. Frank will provide an historical perspective on the often perplexing and widely misunderstood relationship between the Seminole Tribe and Florida State University. Most discussions of the topic revolve around college football and mascots, and falsely presume that Tribal considerations are either ignored or resolved financially. This talk reveals a more complex relationship, one defined largely by the Tribe and rooted in several decades of shared history.
Location: Room 001, Rockefeller Center
Default_thumb Thu, Mar 05 04:00 PM until 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Four visiting scholars affiliated with the African and African American Studies Program will discuss their current research, with reception following.
Location: Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry
Default_thumb Fri, Mar 06 03:30 PM until 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Title: "Dynamical Connections between Meteorological and Space Weather"
Location: Wilder 104
33301_thumb Fri, Mar 06 03:00 PM until 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Jeffrey McDonough (Harvard). "Leibniz and the Foundations of Physics: The Later Years."
Location: 103 Thornton Hall
Default_thumb Fri, Mar 06 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
From Shaker to SUMO: Potassium Channels in Epilepsy. Michael Hoppa will host Jeffrey Noebels, MD/PhD, Baylor College of Medicine.
Location: 201 Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center
Default_thumb Mon, Mar 09 04:15 PM until 05:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Xing-Dong Yang of the University of Calgary in Canada will speak on "Towards Wearable Interactions That Go Beyond the Touchscreen."
Location: Carson L01
Default_thumb Mon, Mar 09 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
PRESENTED BY: S. CELESTE MORLEY, M.D., PH.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Location: 658W Borwell
Default_thumb Tue, Mar 10 12:00 PM until 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
“Pancreatic Cancer in 2015: Progress and Challenges”
Location: Aud. E, Rubin Bldg, DHMC