Research News

diana-wise-carouselDuring winter break, Diana Wise ’15 studied the impact of ecotourism on the Antarctic wilderness
jane-hill-tnJane Hill spent 10 days in South Africa, laying the groundwork for a TB clinical test trial.
Cupid_DNow_Carousel_ImageProfessors offer their perspectives on dating, romance, and, of course, the mating habits of reptiles.
Quote of the Day logoThe graduate student says a Dartmouth study sheds light on an old myth about creativity.
ice-sheet-tnDartmouth scientists help shed light on the mechanisms that control the melting of the ice sheet.
matariki-tnA group of professors and librarians represent Dartmouth in New Zealand.
ists-tnAn award-winning Dartmouth IT institute sets the stage for the future of cybersecurity.
viola-carouselLorenza Viola is honored for achievements in quantum information theory and quantum mechanics.
bookarts-type-tnComing up: Connect with campus research support; see the fruits of students’ tech innovations.
iram-tnInvestigations into strange happenings in a distant galaxy offer new evidence of galactic evolution.