Research News

Aerial photo of campusCollege awarded $17.5 million grant to study health care delivery, patient outcomes.
AskMen logoDartmouth researchers discover what appears to be a mutually beneficial alliance among species.
Quote of the day logoThe computer science professor says the app’s ability to predict GPA is statistically significant.
Business Standard logoProfessor Andrew Campbell says “many behaviors” can be inferred from smartphone sensing data.
Professor Mary Flanagan talks about creating games that promote social change.
Jodie Mack headshotA short by the Dartmouth avant-garde filmmaker opened at BAM for the pop singer’s feature film.
A musical scholar explores the history and music of Reform Jewish worship.
The undergraduate studies the experiences of asylum-seeking immigrants in Texas.
A student sociologist looks at developing identities in the children of black immigrants.
Quote of the day logoThe Tuck visiting assistant professor discusses the surprising effect of some diet-drug advertising.