Research News

Downward wage pressure is “bigger than we thought,” says Professor David Blanchflower.
2014 Dartmouth NSF Research Fellowship winners competed against 14,000 students for 2,000 spots.
New Hampshire MagazineProfessor Mary Flanagan is among 10 “game changing” women featured by the magazine.
New York Times LogoProfessor Mary Lou Guerinot studies how rice absorbs metals and other troublesome elements from soil.
Two Dartmouth students talk about a class project they have taken well beyond the classroom.
Graduate students from a range of disciplines—from genetics to earth sciences—shared their research at the April event.
Dartmouth’s new Center for Surgical Innovation makes space for research in clinical care.
For Professor Xia Zhou, balancing teaching and her networking technology research is an art.
Tuck’s Andrew Bernard analyzes ways to increase trade from developing nations.
International scholars came to Dartmouth to talk about remote sensing of past human landscapes.