Research News

Quote of the day logoThe postdoctoral fellow is studying the country’s “fierce, fat, and abundant mosquitos.”
enterprise logoThe magazine profiles Sean Smith, research director of the Institute for Security, Technology, and Society.
Lisa Marsch posed at tableAward will support the Northeast Node of National Institute on Drug Abuse’s network.
Quote of the day logoThe physicist discusses research she and her team have been doing in Antarctica.
balloons launched from Antarctica Associate Professor Robyn Millan and colleagues connect the dots with NASA satellite mission.
Quote of the day logoThe Geisel professor weighs in on a study about one way to flush much of the arsenic out of rice.
Students examined pieces from the museum’s Inuit collection from the perspective of form and design.
Wall Street JournalDartmouth researchers say the economy-boosting boom increased high-school dropout rates.
Professor of Computer Science Andrew Campbell.App development is spreading across campus, says Professor of Computer Science Andrew Campbell.
Dartmouth’s Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin reviewed a new sleep drug, Belsomra.