Research News

Here's the first in a series on field work by archeology undergraduates. Look for part two next week.
Los Angeles TImesDartmouth’s Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin question the motives behind a “Low T” campaign.
A $10-million, five-year federal grant will fund research on health and medical information security.
Economics Professor Joshua Schwartzstein is studying the trade-offs of medical co-pays.
nbc newsThe preserved landscapes "might even be a million years old," says Dartmouth’s Lee Corbett.
All energy resources, including wood, are imperfect, says Professor Andrew Friedland.
Discover MagazineA new report on arsenic in rice products builds on research by Dartmouth scientists.
Dartmouth’s Kyle Smith says the discovery might help treat addiction and compulsive behavior.
Dartmouth’s Michael Cox has won an award named after the Nobel Prize winner, who was his mentor.
Jonathan WinterJonathan Winter joins the geography department as a specialist in climate change and agriculture.