Research News

Olivia Holmes with her adviser, Professor Hany Farid at a computerThe student’s work will contribute to the field of digital forensics, says her adviser.
Dartmouth researchers found that food commercials can have negative effects on eating behavior.
View from a windowSenior Lecturer in Studio Art Virginia Beahan has photographed the island nation since 2001.
Professor Sharma and Benjamin Bauer in the labRocks and minerals offer the undergraduate a glimpse into the dim geologic past.
Virginia Beahan Photo GallerySee photos from Virginia Beahan's book 'Cuba: singing with bright tears.'
Side-by-side photo of Smolin and ZinskiThe undergraduate studies original Arabic writings and researches nationalism in Morocco.
The Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium and President’s Undergraduate Research Symposium are next week.
Medical News Today logoA new Dartmouth study looks at how peoples’ attitudes are affected by playing games.
Xia Zhou headshotThe system, called HiLight, will enable new context-aware applications for smart devices.
Dartmouth’s Samir Soneji is the co-author of a study that questions the financial health of the program.