Research News

Dartmouth’s Michael Cox has won an award named after the Nobel Prize winner, who was his mentor.
Jonathan WinterJonathan Winter joins the geography department as a specialist in climate change and agriculture.
Dartmouth Lecturer Claudia Anguiano researches how language influences the ongoing immigration debate.
Dartmouth astrophysicists can now track a quasar’s influence all the way across its home galaxy.
A Dartmouth-led collaborative expedition yields cores with 1,000 years of Alaskan climate history.
The New York TimesProfessor Sergei Kan’s new book is featured in this story about photographer Vincent Soboleff.
New York Daily NewsA Dartmouth researcher questions whether rhinoplasties help Venezuelan women gain more confidence.
The New York TimesThe manuscripts offer insights into Chinese intellectual tradition, says Professor Sarah Allan.
Dartmouth’s professor of film and media studies teaches animation theory and history.
Dartmouth physicists and colleagues home in on stable information storage for quantum computers.