Research News

A musical scholar explores the history and music of Reform Jewish worship.
The undergraduate studies the experiences of asylum-seeking immigrants in Texas.
A student sociologist looks at developing identities in the children of black immigrants.
Quote of the day logoThe Tuck visiting assistant professor discusses the surprising effect of some diet-drug advertising.
Professors Karl Griswold and Chris Bailey-Kellogg are developing a new way to treat MRSA.
Olivia Holmes with her adviser, Professor Hany Farid at a computerThe student’s work will contribute to the field of digital forensics, says her adviser.
Dartmouth researchers found that food commercials can have negative effects on eating behavior.
View from a windowSenior Lecturer in Studio Art Virginia Beahan has photographed the island nation since 2001.
Professor Sharma and Benjamin Bauer in the labRocks and minerals offer the undergraduate a glimpse into the dim geologic past.
Virginia Beahan Photo GallerySee photos from Virginia Beahan's book 'Cuba: singing with bright tears.'