Research News

Dartmouth Professor Jim LaBelle’s space physics project was thwarted by Norway’s weather.
Professor Elizabeth Cascio mentors the recent graduate as she expands her senior thesis for publication.
TDC and TDI “will be stronger together,” says physician Al Mulley, the director of TDC.
Kabeche recently received a student achievement prize from the American Society of Cell Biology.
The Dartmouth scientists’ findings could affect nano-technology such as anti-cancer drug delivery.
A TDI study indicates that hookah use increases the likelihood that a teen will smoke cigarettes.
Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan co-authors a study about how vaccine information affects decision-making.
The $3.2 million grant will speed research and clinical trials at medical centers across the U.S.
The PhD student says people with mental illness find a sense of community and support through videos.
The Tuck visiting professor says the drugs and related remedies may actually make people gain weight.