Research News

“Prices affect our shopping much more than we realize,” says the Tuck School’s Kusum Ailawadi.
The Boston GlobeProfessor Daryl Press’ research is featured in this story about how ultimatums affect credibility.
Dartmouth researchers are part of a team developing a new method to preserve quantum information.
Samson OccomSayet, a descendant of Samson Occom, discusses “the intersection of spirituality and health care services.”
According to a new Dartmouth study, carbon released during logging poses a threat to the climate.
Dartmouth’s Elliott S. Fisher says, “We need smarter care, not an increase in doctors.”
Environmental scientists raise doubts about wood as a green alternative to fossil fuels.
In this opinion piece, Professor Peter Tse ’84 discusses the basis for free will in the human brain.
Dartmouth’s Margaret Ackerman is part of a burgeoning industry defending people against diseases.
Research by the Tuck School’s Kenneth French and a colleague looks at investment strategy.