Research News

Baker Berry Librabry About 100 faculty, many working in interdisciplinary teams, submitted more than 50 proposals.
Graduate student research postersStudents presented their work to faculty members, peers, and others in the community.
Biochemist Lin Deng, Geisel ’15, with his thesis adviser, James Mosely,Biochemist Lin Deng, PhD ’15 received the award for his outstanding academic accomplishments.
Quote of the day logoThe professor of medicine weighs in on studies about teen drinking and alcohol’s prevalence in films.
A Tuck study explains why your friends might have much busier social schedules than you do.
Nacole Walker ’11 and Kalina Newmark ’11 continue to do the research they began as undergraduates.
A Dartmouth study shows that testing pregnant women’s placentas indicates levels of exposure to arsenic.
Dartmouth researchers take a groundbreaking look at the interior of a glowing supernova.
Assistant Professor Ryan Hickox explains how galaxies differ from one another.
Geisel’s Jay Dunlap and colleagues take a close look at glowing fungi.