Research News

Dartmouth researchers break new ground in understanding how the brain recalls events and places.
The professor of physics and astronomy is on the trail of a mystery that’s key to quantum computing.
The Geisel professor says marijuana’s effect may be related to its potency and to frequency of use.
A Dartmouth study links risk-glorifying video games to increases in teens’ high-risk behavior.
Dartmouth’s Lisa Schwartz and Steve Woloshin developed a way to help people assess pharmaceuticals.
Tuck’s Rafael La Porta takes a look at how informal businesses fit into the modern economy.
Professor Mary Flanagan says video games have gotten an “unfair rap.”
Research by Dartmouth’s Donna Coch has found that students are still learning to read beyond fourth grade.
A new type of laser developed at Dartmouth may have a big impact on the future of quantum computing.
Associate Professor Donna Coch’s research contradicts the theory of the fourth-grade reading shift.