Research News

Daniel Bornstein ’14 researches the effect of European Union regulations on the Gambia.
The New York TImesA Dartmouth-led study finds vitamin D and calcium do not effect upper respiratory tract infections.
U.S. News & World ReportProfessor David Bucci’s study shows exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on offspring.
The New York TImesProfessor Matt Ayres says rising temperatures will “forever change” forest management in New Jersey.
The Tuck School’s Kusum Ailawadi talks about food purchasing behavior.
The yearlong residencies bring “an infusion of intellectual energy,” says Professor Lisa Baldez.
Live ScienceDartmouth study finds that wine and Brussels sprouts are major sources of arsenic in people’s diets.
The Huffington PostPostdoctoral researcher Courtney Carignan studies gymnasts’ exposure to flame-retardant chemicals.
A Dartmouth-led project is developing an early warning system for impending psychotic episodes.
WIRED“Wired” features the work of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care.