Research News

Economics students find a good marriage is worth a Valentine's Day investment.
MSNBCProfessor Michael Herron says new restrictions will have a disproportionate effect on African-Americans.
Professor Peter Tse ’84’s 2013 book wins two PROSE awards as “pioneering works of research.”
The Chronicle of Higher EducationPresident Phil Hanlon ’77 comments on changes in the National Security Agency’s advisory board.
Dartmouth’s Lisa Schwartz weighs in on the risks of marketing low testosterone as a disease.
The New York TImesProfessor Eric Zitzewitz says that judging bias in figure skating has increased.
Dartmouth research reveals how the brain organizes information about space, time, and social distances.
Dartmouth’s Jeff Sharlet reports on the LGBQT crisis in Russia.
Results suggest overseas relief funding is an increasingly important geostrategic tool.
The gift, from the estate of Susan Diamond, will support neurological research at Geisel.