Research News

Nacole Walker ’11 and Kalina Newmark ’11 continue to do the research they began as undergraduates.
A Dartmouth study shows that testing pregnant women’s placentas indicates levels of exposure to arsenic.
Dartmouth researchers take a groundbreaking look at the interior of a glowing supernova.
Assistant Professor Ryan Hickox explains how galaxies differ from one another.
Geisel’s Jay Dunlap and colleagues take a close look at glowing fungi.
Dartmouth scientists and their colleagues shed new light on the conditions that result in ice ages.
The associate professor talks about the brain’s ability to recycle old skills and adapt to change.
Research by Dartmouth’s Eugene Demidenko introduces a new bioinformatics concept called Gene Rank.
Arsenic exposure levels in the infants tested during a recent study were low, says the biology professor.
Dartmouth scientists found that breast milk had much lower arsenic concentrations than formula did.