Research News

NBC NewsDartmouth researchers are weighing the efficacy of various types of tests for colon cancer.
Embracing social media such as Twitter helps students learn French and Italian.
With a career in health care in her sights, Erin Klein pursued the path of a true liberal artist.
The philosophy professor is attracted to the importance of teaching and the excitement of research.
Geisel researchers have found that young viewers’ exposure to alcohol in movies has increased.
Dartmouth professors employ Twitter and other social media in language classes.
Dartmouth professors are organizing a conference that will bring international scholars to campus.
A PhD student and her undergraduate research assistant worked together during 10 weeks of research.
Eleven books written or edited by Dartmouth authors are featured at Baker-Berry Library.
telegraphUKProfessor Hany Farid rules out inauthenticity after examining an award-winning photograph.