Research News

For Professor Xia Zhou, balancing teaching and her networking technology research is an art.
Tuck’s Andrew Bernard analyzes ways to increase trade from developing nations.
International scholars came to Dartmouth to talk about remote sensing of past human landscapes.
Research by Geisel’s Lisa Marsch looks to extend the reach of evidence-based behavioral health treatments.
Dartmouth scientists made significant discoveries while doing research on a Peruvian glacier.
The grant aims to foster new international collaborations between the humanities and the medical sciences.
The trial will build on a Dartmouth team’s work on a vaccine for one of the world’s deadliest diseases.
Christopher MacEvitt researches the modern legacy of 14th-century attitudes about Jerusalem and Islam.
Professor Andrew Campbell's computer science students “test-flew” little machines they had programmed.
Dartmouth's Sergey Bratus wants to close the door on Internet hackers.