Research News

The yearlong residencies bring “an infusion of intellectual energy,” says Professor Lisa Baldez.
Live ScienceDartmouth study finds that wine and Brussels sprouts are major sources of arsenic in people’s diets.
The Huffington PostPostdoctoral researcher Courtney Carignan studies gymnasts’ exposure to flame-retardant chemicals.
A Dartmouth-led project is developing an early warning system for impending psychotic episodes.
WIRED“Wired” features the work of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care.
ForbesDartmouth’s David Kotz ’86 is leading the Amulet project, which is developing computational jewelry.
wennbergFor the past 40 years, Dartmouth’s John Wennberg has helped shape U.S. health care reform.
Nina Maksimova '15 collaborated with Professor Robert Caldwell on testing and disproving a proposed cosmological model (Photo by Ralph Gibson)Dartmouth's Robert Caldwell's mentorship furthered an undergraduate’s intellectual awakening.
new yorkerVisiting Professor Bernard Avishai writes about the effect of conflict on Israel’s economy.
Professor George Wolford discusses his study on how Halloween treats affect kids’ satisfaction.