Research News

A mobile application developed by Dartmouth researchers helps treat mental illnesses.
The ScientistProfessor Seth Dobson says a new study shows that snakes played a role in the evolution of primates.
Dartmouth researchers create a tool for scientists and foresters who manage pathogens and insects.
Witness the ArcticFellows in Dartmouth’s IGERT program in polar environmental change emphasize science communication.
A new NSF-funded Dartmouth-Clemson project will develop wearable computing for mobile-health.
Dartmouth’s Bruce Stanton talks about the health effects of arsenic exposure.
Environmental studies major Maya Johnson ’14 gained new insights about the oil industry this summer.
Professor Carl Renshaw led undergraduates on a two-week field study of the flood in Boulder, Colo.
Education WeekA Dartmouth study shows that memory test results vary among students living in urban versus rural poverty.
Thayer’s PhD Innovation Program prepares students to build an enterprise based on technical innovation.