Research News

The New York TimesDartmouth study finds that tarsiers’ ability to see in color evolved during a nocturnal existence.
Scientific AmericanA 1954 study involving Dartmouth students is recalled to consider bias on the Supreme Court.
sensor-tnDartmouth researchers make a breakthrough in secondhand smoke exposure technology.
Engineer2013-tnResearchers at Thayer School are developing ways to help protect technology from solar storms.
BBC NewsDartmouth researchers believe a comet, not an asteroid, hit the Earth 65 million years ago.
Amy GladfelterProfessor Amy Gladfelter studies molecular behavior in cells using cutting-edge microscopic imaging.
Jun and SchutzTwo juniors spent a term in Seoul, researching Homer Hulbert, Class of 1884.
pacific standardDartmouth’s Daryl Press and colleagues researched Americans’ views on the use of nuclear weapons.
Los Angeles TimesDartmouth’s H. Gilbert Welch talks about a new study on the effect of false-positive test results.
sloanfoundation-tnThe computer science professor is one of 126 young scientists honored for “outstanding promise.”