Research News

Investigation of the mental map may offer clues to treating Alzheimer’s, among other things.
Dean of Libraries Jeffrey HorrellHorrell, Dartmouth’s 18th librarian, will retire at the end of June 2016.
Though the vision change astronauts experience is not a major problem, it can be permanent.
Quote of the day logoThe professor of economics and of medicine says there’s a “perfect storm of adverse outcomes.”
Dartmouth’s Ellen Meara and Jonathan Skinner comment on the new study, which was published Monday.
Associate Professor Thalia WheatleyThe associate professor says finding answers to three particular questions would make her very happy.
Professor Douglas Staiger Professor Douglas Staiger is honored for his application of economics to health care.
Geisel’s Jonathan Skinner and colleagues compared costs for dementia and for other major diseases.
Gizmo logoAssistant Professor of Computer Science Wojciech Jarosz is senior author of a paper on the project.
Dartmouth research helps to refute claims that a famous image of Oswald was altered.