Research News

Geisel’s Alan Budney joins a panel of experts in a discussion about marijuana research.
Dartmouth researchers collaborate on a study that looks into airline-schedule disruptions.
Dartmouth researchers help design an app that assesses students’ mental health and behavior.
Professor Rachel Obbard’s team will be the first to transport sea ice at its original temperature.
A new Dartmouth-led study looks at how lizards in the Bahamas are able to adapt in order to survive
The editor-in-chief for the topic is Anne Kapuscinski, chair of the Environmental Studies Program.
Scientists use depictions of animals in Egyptian art over time as a guide to population dynamics.
Elaina Melton will use the grant to support her work on two cholesterol-related diseases.
Dartmouth’s Jason Houle found that more than a third of young Americans have more debt than assets.
Dartmouth co-authors offer a short-term solution to dealing with the problem of price variations.