Research News

Dartmouth researchers seek a substitute for the fish oil and fish meal in commercial aquaculture diets.
New Dartmouth research takes a look at the brain’s “mental workplace.”
The 200-acre property is used as a research laboratory and a classroom.
While an undergraduate at Dartmouth, Heidi Williams ’03 discovered a passion for economics.
A grant from the National Institute of Health will fund the start of the new institute in East Africa.
Two Tuck School professors question the accuracy of manufacturing labor statistics.
Professor Thalia Wheatley worked on the two-part PBS program, which looks at neuroscience and the law.
Dartmouth’s Tillman Gerngross is among the bioengineers developing new ways to engineer antibodies.
Professor Mukul Sharma says there is evidence of a climate-altering meteor or comet impact.
A Dartmouth-led team explains the cause of a global climate shift 12,900 years ago.