Research News

A study led by Geisel’s Marlene Goldman recommends that older women try in vitro fertilization first.
Professor David Blanchflower says there is, “too much slack in the labor market.”
A Dartmouth study looks at how a constant battle between two parts of the brain impacts will power.
Dartmouth offered a glimpse of its research and innovation at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.
Gift focusing on “big data” creates first of new academic clusters announced by President Phil Hanlon in April.
A Dartmouth study shows that false-positive mammograms have no ill effect on overall well-being.
Downward wage pressure is “bigger than we thought,” says Professor David Blanchflower.
2014 Dartmouth NSF Research Fellowship winners competed against 14,000 students for 2,000 spots.
Professor Mary Flanagan is among 10 “game changing” women featured by the magazine.
Professor Mary Lou Guerinot studies how rice absorbs metals and other troublesome elements from soil.