Research News

Olga Zhaxybayeva won a Simons Foundation Investigator grant to study microbial origins and evolution.
The Geisel professor talks about a study on smoking on the big screen.
Steve Bensen, Geisel ’90, talks about his two months with the Human Resources for Health program.
Thayer’s Rachel Obbard says the abundance of plastic particles in Arctic sea ice came as a surprise.
A Dartmouth study finds that millions with disabilities have prescriptions for strong painkillers.
Dartmouth researchers help discover the newest tarsier—one of our distant cousins—in the Philippines.
Professor David Bucci and colleagues have linked part of the brain with “episodic memory formation.”
The award will provide up to 10 years of funding for the microbiologist’s research.
Dartmouth researchers break new ground in understanding how the brain recalls events and places.
The professor of physics and astronomy is on the trail of a mystery that’s key to quantum computing.