Research News

Professor Thalia Wheatley worked on the two-part PBS program, which looks at neuroscience and the law.
Dartmouth’s Tillman Gerngross is among the bioengineers developing new ways to engineer antibodies.
Professor Mukul Sharma says there is evidence of a climate-altering meteor or comet impact.
A Dartmouth-led team explains the cause of a global climate shift 12,900 years ago.
Fast-food marketing aimed at children needs more regulation, says the Geisel School’s James Sargent.
The Geisel School’s Juliette Madan says infants carry microbes that may be of long-term benefit.
Professor Bradley Duchaine’s facial recognition research may benefit a variety of professions.
Computer scientist Thomas Cormen supplies the keys to unlock the ubiquitous algorithm.
Michelle Berlinger ’13 spent the past year studying jewelry and creating some of her own.
In a story about “chemophobia,” or the fear of chemicals, The Boston Globe highlights the research of Gordon Gribble, the Dartmouth Professor of Chemistry. Gribble, the Globe points out, says avoiding all products that contain chemicals is impossible.