Research News

horrell-waite-tnAn Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant provided funding for a project researching the challenges of information and records storage in the digital age.
irene-house-tnDartmouth researchers are studying stream channel erosion due to Tropical Storm Irene to assess the potential of future storm related flooding hazards.
trumbull-tnIn an interview in late 2012, Trumbull, an associate professor of history, discusses research he did during his 2011-12 sabbatical in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.
The Boston GlobeDartmouth researchers have studied modern man to shed light on questions about our early ancestors.
A Geisel School of Medicine study is researching the impact of concussions on young athletes.
dominy-carouselDartmouth researchers investigate tree-climbing behavior of modern hunter-gatherers to elucidate our fossil ancestors' terrestrial versus arboreal preferences.
IGERT students at work in an ice pit at the Summit Station in GreenlandA video by Dartmouth students triggered discussions about women in science in The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and prompted a response from the European Commission.
Top-Headlines-thumb-100As the year drew to a close, the Dartmouth Now team put together a dozen of our favorite stories from 2012.
Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, director of research at the I3P, speaks in October at the organization’s 10-year anniversary event in Washington, D.C. (Photo courtesy of National Press Club/Nathan Mitchell)I3P received funding for a three-year project that will research how to improve the effectiveness of teams that respond to cyber attacks.
natgeoA National Geographic blogger discusses a new study by Dartmouth researchers that examines what may be a “uniquely human capacity to feel emotion through music.”