Research News

The grant aims to foster new international collaborations between the humanities and the medical sciences.
The trial will build on a Dartmouth team’s work on a vaccine for one of the world’s deadliest diseases.
Christopher MacEvitt researches the modern legacy of 14th-century attitudes about Jerusalem and Islam.
Professor Andrew Campbell's computer science students “test-flew” little machines they had programmed.
Dartmouth's Sergey Bratus wants to close the door on Internet hackers.
What makes one person laugh may offer another person—or a Dartmouth research team—useful insights.
A Dartmouth study finds that children with TVs in their bedrooms gain about one extra pound per year.
A study led by Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan looks at the ineffectiveness of public health messages.
A Dartmouth study says temperature is the main influence on a Peruvian glacier’s waxing and waning.
Geisel Professor Mark Spaller and his student lab group investigate promising new antibodies.