Research News

NHPR audio logoDartmouth’s Bruce Stanton talks about the health effects of arsenic exposure.
Maya Johnson ’14 with co-workers, Tesoro Oil Refinery, Kenai, Alaska. Environmental studies major Maya Johnson ’14 gained new insights about the oil industry this summer.
Students StretchingProfessor Carl Renshaw led undergraduates on a two-week field study of the flood in Boulder, Colo.
ED logoA Dartmouth study shows that memory test results vary among students living in urban versus rural poverty.
Dartmouth joins leading universities in national research effort.
The actor, director, and writer will be in residence as a Montgomery Fellow.
Remote sensing technologies enable a Dartmouth archaeologist to see what lies below the surface.
Stephon AlexanderThis year’s Dartmouth symposium will explore a mix of topics, from astrophysics to Zen meditation.
Gordon GribbleProfessor Gordon Gribble discusses the current widespread fear of chemicals.
Dartmouth researchers seek a substitute for the fish oil and fish meal in commercial aquaculture diets.