Research News

Undergraduate research offers students opportunities to explore the nature of art creation.
Coming up: Undergraduate research symposium, ISTS lecture, Book Arts Workshop, and more.
Undergraduate research supports applying multimedia technology to addressing psychosocial problems.
For her senior thesis, the geography major researched the struggles of black communities in Atlanta.
Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan and fellow researchers investigate ways to change long-held beliefs.
"The Arctic is really changing,” says Thayer doctoral student Kaitlin Keegan.
A Dartmouth-led study explains the melting of the Greenland ice sheet in 1889 and 2012.
Dartmouth's celebration of undergraduate engagement outside the classroom takes place every May.
A Dartmouth study shows that the more feminine a woman looks, the better she’ll do at the polls.
Dartmouth and Purdue researchers found that middle-aged adults were especially vulnerable.