Research News

Udi Greenberg (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)Associate Professor Udi Greenberg has won the 2016 European Studies Book Award
The new device, dubbed “Wanda,” pairs medical devices with Wi-Fi.
Quote of the day logoThe Geisel professor says television advertising has an impact on underage drinkers.
Astronomer Ryan Hickox adds visiting scientists to his classes via video chats.
GizmagDartmouth researchers developed a wand-shaped device to connect many devices to a wireless network.
Dartmouth’s Wojciech Jarosz says all sorts of things have an impact on the colors in a rainbow.
Quote of the day logoThe assistant professor of government says political beliefs can affect belief in climate change.
Cameron Isen ’18 presented his paper at the annual Sinai Scholars Academic Symposium in California.
The chemistry professor was awarded the prestigious prize for research at the molecular level.
Quote of the day logoData gathering on social media has its benefits, he says. But it's not perfect.