Research News

campus-winter-carouselTDC and TDI “will be stronger together,” says physician Al Mulley, the director of TDC.
kabeche-tnKabeche recently received a student achievement prize from the American Society of Cell Biology.
aprahamian-tnThe Dartmouth scientists’ findings could affect nano-technology such as anti-cancer drug delivery.
US News and World Report logologoA TDI study indicates that hookah use increases the likelihood that a teen will smoke cigarettes.
nyhan-tnDartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan co-authors a study about how vaccine information affects decision-making.
nih-grant-carouselThe $3.2 million grant will speed research and clinical trials at medical centers across the U.S.
Quote of the Day logoThe PhD student says people with mental illness find a sense of community and support through videos.
Quote of the Day logoThe Tuck visiting professor says the drugs and related remedies may actually make people gain weight.
Kotz-carouselCollege researchers take a new approach to information security via continuous authentication.
test-kit-tnDartmouth and Norwich University chemists focused on arsenic toxicity in food and drink.