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Quote of the day logoThe professor of business administration discusses the validity of the 20-year-old theory.
The braincase of a composite male skull of H. naledi Dartmouth’s Jeremy DeSilva talks about why the discovery of Homo naledi is so significant.
‘Homo Naledi’ Dartmouth’s DeSilva and his colleagues have concluded that the fossils belong to a new human ancestor.
Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva Paleoanthropologist Jeremy DeSilva is on an international team analyzing the South Africa find.
John Currier, research engineer at the Dartmouth Biomedical Engineering CenterEngineers explained how they analyze failed artificial knees, hips, and other orthopedic implants.
Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, minister of health of the Republic of Rwanda. “We are all part of one community, the global health community,” says Rwanda’s minister of health.
Institute of Arctic Studies’ Ross Virginia has a “hot ticket” to the Anchorage climate talks.
Dartmouth’s Alexa Halford co-authors an opinion piece about the effects of “space weather.”
Nova Now logProfessor Frank Magilligan talks about the removal of dams from U.S. rivers.
A new NSF grant supports College leadership in a high school science outreach program.