Research News

dominy-tnScientists use depictions of animals in Egyptian art over time as a guide to population dynamics.
melton-carouselElaina Melton will use the grant to support her work on two cholesterol-related diseases.
Wall Street Journal logoDartmouth’s Jason Houle found that more than a third of young Americans have more debt than assets.
Health Affairs logoDartmouth co-authors offer a short-term solution to dealing with the problem of price variations.
zhaxybayeva-carouselOlga Zhaxybayeva won a Simons Foundation Investigator grant to study microbial origins and evolution.
Quote of the Day logoThe Geisel professor talks about a study on smoking on the big screen.
Assistant Professor of Medicine Steve Bensen, Geisel ’90, poses with colleagues in his officeSteve Bensen, Geisel ’90, talks about his two months with the Human Resources for Health program.
Scientific American logoThayer’s Rachel Obbard says the abundance of plastic particles in Arctic sea ice came as a surprise.
USA Today logoA Dartmouth study finds that millions with disabilities have prescriptions for strong painkillers.
The Dinagat tarsierDartmouth researchers help discover the newest tarsier—one of our distant cousins—in the Philippines.