Research News

Dartmouth scientists made significant discoveries while doing research on a Peruvian glacier.
The grant aims to foster new international collaborations between the humanities and the medical sciences.
The trial will build on a Dartmouth team’s work on a vaccine for one of the world’s deadliest diseases.
Christopher MacEvittChristopher MacEvitt researches the modern legacy of 14th-century attitudes about Jerusalem and Islam.
Professor Andrew Campbell's computer science students “test-flew” little machines they had programmed.
Dartmouth's Sergey Bratus wants to close the door on Internet hackers.
USA TodayWhat makes one person laugh may offer another person—or a Dartmouth research team—useful insights.
TodayA Dartmouth study finds that children with TVs in their bedrooms gain about one extra pound per year.
NBC NewsA study led by Dartmouth’s Brendan Nyhan looks at the ineffectiveness of public health messages.
New York Times LogoA Dartmouth study says temperature is the main influence on a Peruvian glacier’s waxing and waning.