Research News

Alumni, faculty, students and others are participating in the historic gathering in Paris.
The government professor says Venezuelans aren’t buying their government’s conspiracy theories.
Anne Kapuscinski Dartmouth’s Anne Kapuscinski and her co-author discuss the FDA’s approval process and the fish itself.
The paleoanthropologist spends time with Dartmouth students during a two-day visit.
Dartmouth researchers pinpoint the area in the brain that controls urges to indulge.
A Dartmouth study shows the economic impact of fracking.
A view of Hanover from the greenThe trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of DAR-901, a booster TB vaccine, in adolescents.
Investigation of the mental map may offer clues to treating Alzheimer’s, among other things.
Dean of Libraries Jeffrey HorrellHorrell, Dartmouth’s 18th librarian, will retire at the end of June 2016.
Though the vision change astronauts experience is not a major problem, it can be permanent.