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This is “a significant accomplishment,” says a National Weather Service official.
Professors on work showing smallest particle has mass.
Quote of the day logoThe Tuck professor says it’s easy to draw false conclusions from big data sets.
Dartmouth’s Jeremy DeSilva says its muscles gave H. naledi a stronger stride than modern humans.
SmithsonianDartmouth anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva says our newly discovered ancestor’s feet were similar to ours.
Quote of the day logoHomo naledi was adapted for long distance walking and perhaps running, says the associate professor.
Jeremy DeSilva Associate Professor Jeremy DeSilva has analyzed the feet of Homo naledi fossils.
Amy LawrenceLawrence is the Parents Distinguished Research Professor in the Humanities.
Quote of the day logoThe philosophy professor discusses whether such procedures change people’s essential natures.
College Ranker logoDartmouth’s Organic Farm is noted for student projects, research opportunities, and hands-on learning.