Research News

houle-tnDartmouth and Purdue researchers found that middle-aged adults were especially vulnerable.
muddy-trees-tnDartmouth wins five-year NIH grant to research health and ecosystem effects of arsenic and mercury.
tsongalis_pathology-tnWhen specific mutations for a cancer type are identified, patients can undergo targeted treatments.
robinson-tnResearch by Tuck’s Leslie Robinson shines light on the “black box” of foreign earnings.
inthenews-usnewsDartmouth’s Brad Taylor and his team found climate change a likely factor in the algae’s spread.
The grant will be used to survey NH’s private well-water users not only to determine water testing and treatment rates but also to identify the major factors limiting that testing and treatment.The project, lead by Thayer’s Mark Borsuk, focuses on keeping well water safe to drink.
A study led by Geisel’s Marlene Goldman recommends that older women try in vitro fertilization first.
New York Times LogoProfessor David Blanchflower says there is, “too much slack in the labor market.”
Time MagazineA Dartmouth study looks at how a constant battle between two parts of the brain impacts will power.
Dartmouth offered a glimpse of its research and innovation at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.