Research News

“Dartmouth Engineer” features a research initiative that is developing a new cancer treatment.
Remote sensing technologies enable a Dartmouth archaeologist to see what lies below the surface.
Scientific American“There were cases of blatant lying,” says The Dartmouth Institute’s Adrienne Faerber.
Boston HeraldDartmouth researchers have found elevated levels of toxic metals in Maine’s Goose Pond estuary.
The New York TimesA Dartmouth study suggests that arsenic exposure in pregnant women affects their infants’ health.
This year’s Dartmouth symposium will explore a mix of topics, from astrophysics to Zen meditation.
Professor Gordon Gribble discusses the current widespread fear of chemicals.
Dartmouth researchers seek a substitute for the fish oil and fish meal in commercial aquaculture diets.
Popular ScienceNew Dartmouth research takes a look at the brain’s “mental workplace.”
Bloomberg NewsWhile an undergraduate at Dartmouth, Heidi Williams ’03 discovered a passion for economics.