Research News

Wall Street Journal logoDartmouth’s Jason Houle and a colleague study the effect of student debt on homeownership.
The New York Times logoProfessor Bruce Sacerdote points to studies that show grouping students by ability works well.
herron-tnProfessor Michael Herron's interest in ballot rules began with 2000 Florida recount.
TIME MagazineGeisel’s Christopher Amos says a version of the BRCA2 gene is linked to increased risk of lung cancer.
CBC NewsHer discovery of the contamination “shocked and saddened” her, says Thayer’s Rachel Obbard.
eejust-scholars-carouselScholars heap accolades on the program and its director, Professor Stephon Alexander.
Bloomberg Newsweek logoThayer’s Rachel Obbard says Arctic sea ice contains vast amounts of plastic and synthetic particles.
montgomery-carouselFor the classics major, ancient poetry provides a richer understanding of Roman political history.
undergrad-research-carouselUndergraduate research promotes innovation in theatrical performance, history, and theory.
Professor Jon Freeman, left, discusses the ramifications of the MouseTracker study with Postdoctoral Researcher Eric Hehman, lead author on the report. A depiction of the software in action is seen on the monitor in the center of the photo. (Photo by Eli Burakian '00)A Dartmouth-led study finds that feminine features tend to win votes for female politicians.