Views From the Green, 11/18/2014

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  • Sunlit Calculations

    At Rockefeller Center, a students works out a problem on the board as the afternoon sun shines through a window. (Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard)

  • Set and Attack

    Kaira Lujan ’16, No. 18, makes an attack during the Big Green's contest against Cornell this past Friday. (Photo by Josh Renaud '17)

  • Talking Through Issues

    In a class taught by Professor Francine A’ness at Triangle House, students participate in skits as a way of discussing social pressures. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

  • Calligraphy Class

    Professor Wen Xing works with students during a Chinese calligraphy workshop last week. (Photo by Josh Renaud ’17)

  • Wintry Branches

    Wintry branches reach toward Dartmouth Hall on a recent evening, as steam rises from the College's heating plant. (Photo by Josh Renaud '17)