Research News

Quote of the day logoThe director of the Institute of Arctic Studies talks about small changes that have a big impact.
Quote of the day logoThe professor discusses British scientists’ green light to do DNA alteration for research purposes.
Quote of the day logoThe associate research professor weighs the arsenic risk posed by the consumption of rice cakes.
The annual Munck-Pfefferkorn Awards support new biomedical research projects at the medical school.
Quote of the day logoThe professor of neurology at Geisel says results of a new study are cause for "deep concern."
Quote of the day logoThe chemistry professor discusses research that could lead to creating drugs for nerve-cell repair.
Dartmouth’s Jason Houle says the study found that different types of debt may have different effects.
Paul BarrA Dartmouth study finds that depressed patients don’t always get the information they need.
Alumni and parent giving will add 30 new faculty, expand Dartmouth’s global reach.
Dartmouth Hall winterThe clusters will strengthen fields in which Dartmouth has a history of achievement.