Research News

The Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium and President’s Undergraduate Research Symposium are next week.
A new Dartmouth study looks at how peoples’ attitudes are affected by playing games.
The system, called HiLight, will enable new context-aware applications for smart devices.
Dartmouth’s Samir Soneji is the co-author of a study that questions the financial health of the program.
Dartmouth undergraduates study biodiversity and climate change in a classroom on the high seas.
The Geisel instructor talks about the risks associated with teens mixing alcohol and energy drinks.
Dartmouth’s winners were among the 2,000 selected from 16,500 applicants nationwide.
Dartmouth researchers used linguistic software to characterize the current Supreme Court’s opinions.
Dartmouth researchers and colleagues found a network of unfrozen, salty groundwater far below ground.
Associate Professor of Education Donna Coch studies the brains of children trying to learn to read.